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Linha Turismo

Starting from Praça Tiradentes, regular buses of Linha Turismo (tourist line) stops at the 22 tourist points of Curitiba. The tour takes two and a half hours. It is a very good way to know the city. Stops include parks Barigüi and Tanguá, Memorial Ucraniano, Ópera de Arame, Rua das Flores, Rua 24 Horas, Teatro Paiol, Jardim Botânico and Santa Felicidade. From Tuesday to Monday, beginning at 9:00 until 17:00, each 30 min.


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Foz Iguaçu



A double-decker tourist bus at Tiradentes Square.




Linha Turismo


Parana Turismo


Memorial Ucraniano





Capital Parana


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Jardim Botanico




Bosque do Papa



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